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Ben Sollee plays Savannah

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Savannah Wedding: Forsyth Park

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This past week, the Harp, Violin and Cello trio of Kristin King, Ricardo Ochoa, and Annelise Nelson, played a brisk, but gorgeous wedding outside in front of the Forsyth Park fountain.  Harvey Designs did an incredible job of making the park look festive for the holiday season and timelessly classic while Rev. Steven Schulte performed the marriage ceremony.  Our Sound Technician was  on-hand to ensure that every part of the ceremony, from the quietest pluck on a harp string to sweet giggle the bride made as her husband slipped the ring on her finger, was audible to the guests.  After the ceremony, the celebrating continued at the Mansion on Forsyth Park, where New Arts Ensemble's guitarist, Bill Smith, serenaded guest during cocktails and pianist Eddie Wilson took over for the reception time.  

Roger Moss on the Radio

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Big smile, dedication and talent are just a few words to describe one of our busiest vocalist.  Here he is in a interview today December 3, 2009 on "The Wake-up Call, with Jon Robbins and Jen Steele" BIG 98.3

Roger Moss interview

Savannah Community in Action

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 On the night of June 12th, 2009, almost a year after Jason Statts had been innocently shot in the neck and left mostly paralyzed, the community of Savannah is still very much aware of how important it is to come together and support Jason and his wife.  The event, titled "For the Benefit of Statts" was held at Savannah Station (the space was graciously donated by the owner) and thanks to many talented people and generous donations, the evening was a huge success.  

Amy Harvey and her team at Harvey Designs once again out-did themselves and created an incredible atmosphere for the event, which was only enhanced by the ambiance lighting donated by Stage Front Presentation Systems

We here at New Arts Ensembles, and in partnership with Igor, provided the PA System and had the pleasure of show managing all of the talented musicians who donated their gifts of music and time.  



Joe Nelson, The Josh Maul Blues Band, The 8-Tracks, and DJ Emkay (artists Marcus Kenny) kept the party going until late in the evening.

NAE Artists Ricardo Ochoa and Roger Moss take "Best Of Savannah" Titles for the second year in a row

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Every year, Connect Savannah conducts a poll to ask the public who, what and where are the best people, events, and places in Savannah.  Ricardo Ochoa, co-owner of New Arts Ensembles was voted "Best Classical Musician" and Roger Moss was voted "Best Local Vocalist" for 2009.  This is the second year celebrating this coveted title for Moss and the third year for Ochoa.  Silver Lining also received the runner-up title for "Best Local Jazz Band," only to be beaten out by the wildly popular Savannah native Ben Tucker.

Contratulations Ricardo, Roger, Maggie, Jackson and Mark!

Maggie Evans: Not Just Another Pretty Bass

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If you have ever been to a local club or bar in downtown Savannah that features live music, you've probably seen Maggie Evans perform.  She's commonly known as "the girl bassist" (which automatically gets her a lot of attention) but the moment she plugs in her instrument and begins the opening lyrics to a sultry jazz standard (think: "My Funny Valentine") Maggie has her audience in a trance and the "girl bassist" title goes out the window and is replaced with admiration and awe of her musical abilities.  Maggie and her husband Jackson have been part of the New Arts Ensembles community of musicians for over 5 years and their well-known trio, Silver Lining, continues to grow in popularity.

However, what you wouldn't know if you were watching Maggie's performance at a lounge or a wedding reception is that she is an accomplished artist with an incredible understanding of her work: where it has come from and where it is going. 

Maggie Evans was born in Denton, Texas in 1980. She graduated from Utah State University with a BFA in Illustration in 2003 and received an MFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007.  She received Best In Show at the Telfair Arts Fair in 2008 and her work is shown at a number of local and national galleries. 

Upcoming exhibits include:

  • August 7 at Mason Murer Fine Art in Atlanta
  • September (entire month) solo exhibit at Estel Gallery in Nashville
  • Judith Costello Gallery in Hilton Head

This past weekend, Maggie participated in Savannah's Open Studio Sunday  where local artists open their private studios for visitors can view artist's work space and get to know them on a more personal level. 

The Open Studio ran from 12:00-5:00 on May 17th and featured over 30 artists.  In keeping with a tradition which started a few a years ago, artist Morgan Santander hosted the after party at his home/studio.  Maggie and Jackson were the musical entertainment and captured the attention of every person who walked in the room.  It was the perfect way to end a day that has so much focus on local artists, their visions and inspirations, and their influence on the community of Savannah and beyond.

Silver Lining performs every Friday at the Casmir Lounge at The Mansion on Forsyth from Park from 9:00-Midnight and can be heard at a number of local establishments including Blowin' Smoke, Isaac's, and The Mercury Lounge.  Our Event Calendar is constantly being updated, so check in for infomation on their upcoming shows.

America's Second Harvest- Jewels & Jeans Event

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A number of incredible people who work with us at New Arts Ensembles recently participated in an amazing fundraising event for America's Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia.  The Jewels & Jeans event raised over twice as much as the previous year, and with the help of some very talented (and generous) contributions, such as Amy Harvey with Harvey Designs , Beachview Tent Rentals, photographer Emily Adams, locals restaurants and caterers (Lady & Sons, Uncle Bubbas Oyster House, Lulus's Chocolate Bar, Mrs. Wilkes, and Chu's Liquor and Wine to name a few) working along side with our creative committee, everyone had a amazing evening!

Sponsorship was provided by Infinity, St. Joseph's Candler, and The Coastal Source- WJCL and Fox News 28.  A live interview took place at the event and here's what Jennifer Beal had to say:

"Dress them up or dress them down, it’s hard to go wrong with jeans and jewels. The Second Harvest Food Bank's annual fundraiser “Jeans and Jewels” was held tonight. The event gives the community a chance to check out the facility on East President Street and how they work towards ending hunger.

Some of the highlights included appetizers from many different restaurants, live music, and a silent auction featuring everything from an autographed copy of Madonna’s "English Roses” to artwork from local and international artists. The money raised will help stock the bank for the summer months.

"There are 21,000 children that qualify for free or subsidized meal programs while they're in school, so when they're not in school the question is where they are getting their nutritious balanced meals. Second Harvest is able to deliver those meals to families and those children,” says Kristin King."

The Second Harvest Food Bank serves about one hundred and 30,000 people each year.
Copyright 2009 The Coastal Source


 Gorgeous jewelery was donated for auction...

 ...and everyone had a great time helping with the set-up!  Above: Kimberly Barnhill of Sea Island Bank, committee member and chairperson for the event, and Tony Clarke of The Clarke Group in Atlanta, helped hang the chandeliers designed by Amy Harvey while Ricardo Ochoa worked on lighting design. 


Tango Night at Jepson Live

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New Arts Ensembles provides the programing for the monthly series "Jepson Live" at the Jepson Center for the Arts in downtown Savannah.  Last evening we produced a wonderful show featuring classic Tango music as well as local dancers.  The event was one of the best attended of this series and many of the patrons were bold enough to attemempt a dance or two with the professionals...

Ricardo Ochoa: Violin

Annelise Nelson: Cello

Bruce Spradley: Guitar

Eric Jones: Piano

Downtown Savannah Wedding

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April is the busiest wedding month for New Arts Ensembles, and thanks to Mike Force with Studio M Photography, we have some beautiful pictures of the harp, flute and cello trio playing an April 18th wedding in Reynolds Square.  The wedding was coordinated by First City Events and went beautifully. 

Cello: Emily Calhoun; Harp: Kristin King; Flute: Lara Stiles Brinson

Matt and Erin unite their marriage...



A Romantic Savannah Wedding in Telfair Square

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The view from a wedding musician's perspective...


Billy Jonas at SMF

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The children and parents who attended the Billy Jonas concert, as part of the Savannah Music Festival on Tuseday evening, were dancing and singing the night away.  To find out more information about Billy Jonas and his performances, to purchase merchandise, or to see a list of up-coming performances, visit billyjonas.com

Sound check with Billy and his trio- Billy uses a lot of "found materials" to creat his music and the kids love it!

8 Tracks recording

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We finally got the chance to film the 8 Tracks, one of our most popular bands, in a performance setting this weekend.  We had a great time so stay tuned to see the end results!  Click Here to read more...

Savannah Music Festival: Day 2

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We had a huge day with the Savannah Music Festival!  Sensastions- Classical Concert, Diane Reeves, Bobby Lee Rogers, Doyle Lawson with Quicksilver, Rayna and Dan Gellert, Jim Lauderdale and Tim Eriksen...All performances were incredible. 

Kevin Rose, with Elevated Basement, recorded the special SMF Production of Long Time Travelin' and was assisted by the awesome sound crew at the Lucas Theater.  This production involved a number of artists, along with the 50 member Tattnal River Shapenote Singers, many of whom live here in Savannah. 

Sound Check for the choir (above) and the guys from Quicksilver (Below)

My new buddy- Doyle Lawson.  What a incredible performer!  He and the Quicksilver gang had the audience laughing the entire night with their whitty banter between songs and impressed as ever with their musical abilities and vocal harmonies.  It was a great night to be on the SMF Crew!

St. Patty's Day 2009- Savannah Music Festival Float

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Ricardo Ochoa, Founder and Co-Partner of New Arts Ensembles, joined the talents of the Jeff & Vida Band and rocked out on the Savannah Music Festival's St. Patrick's Day float.  The parade was the perfect kick-off for this world famous international festival, which begins March 19th and ends on April 5th.  Check in for behind-the-scenes news and photos of some of the greatest musicians in the world.