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Savannah Community in Action

POSTED BY NAE Staff :: June 13, 2009 14 COMMENTS

 On the night of June 12th, 2009, almost a year after Jason Statts had been innocently shot in the neck and left mostly paralyzed, the community of Savannah is still very much aware of how important it is to come together and support Jason and his wife.  The event, titled "For the Benefit of Statts" was held at Savannah Station (the space was graciously donated by the owner) and thanks to many talented people and generous donations, the evening was a huge success.  

Amy Harvey and her team at Harvey Designs once again out-did themselves and created an incredible atmosphere for the event, which was only enhanced by the ambiance lighting donated by Stage Front Presentation Systems

We here at New Arts Ensembles, and in partnership with Igor, provided the PA System and had the pleasure of show managing all of the talented musicians who donated their gifts of music and time.  



Joe Nelson, The Josh Maul Blues Band, The 8-Tracks, and DJ Emkay (artists Marcus Kenny) kept the party going until late in the evening.

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