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Lynne & James

POSTED BY NAE Staff :: November 04, 2008 11 COMMENTS

Lynne was such a wonderful bride to work with and was so passionate about her music selections.  She met with me almost a year in advance and told me that she wanted to surprise her husband-to-be with a gospel choir at their wedding.  We made that dream happen for her and booked an incredible family of 5 singers and their very talented pianist who arranged Natalie Cole's "Inseparable" for Lynne to walk down the aisle after the harp and violin played an instrumental version of the same song.  The recessional was the traditional "Oh Happy Day" and everyone in the congregation joined in on the singing.  Donna Von Bruening did an incredible job capturing the true spirit of the wedding ceremony and the love between James and Lynne.  Everything was so beautiful!

Thoughts from the bride
by: Lynne Moore Nelson - 12/11/2008 01:36 PM
There were so many feelings that I wasn't expecting moments before my wedding ceremony and I will always remember standing at the back of the church waiting to go down the aisle and hearing the choir sing our song ... oh man ... emotional. Kristin was so kind and patient in my planning and I was so relieved that everything I envisioned came true and SO MUCH MORE. At the thank you brunch on Saturday - everyone was glowing about the music and choir. Lynne Moore Nelson, OH HAPPY DAY - thank you.
by: BergSophie - 12/06/2011 10:31 PM
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