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Sarah Mokotoff and Matt Soifer

POSTED BY NAE Staff :: November 22, 2008 5 COMMENTS

Our harp, violin and cello trio played for Sarah and Matt's wedding this past weekend at Mickve Israel Synagogue and what an incredible wedding it was! The bride and groom had very specific ideas about their ceremony music, and we were able to customize the ceremony to fit their personalities and style.  Plus, the wedding planners with Events By Caroline did a spectacular job making sure the event was flawless.  The groom and is parents, along with the wedding party, entered to a contemporary arrangement of the traditional Jewish tune "Dodi Li" while the bride walked down the aisle to John Denver's "Annie's Song."  During the signing of the Ketubah the trio performed "The Prayer" and the recessional was a beautiful Coldplay song called "Till Kingdom Come."  Thank you Sarah and Matt for letting us be a part of your wonderful marriage ceremony...we wish you all the joy in your new lives together.

Thank you!!!
by: Sarah - 12/11/2008 06:02 PM
We should be the ones thanking you! All of our guests raved about the beautiful ceremony music and the orginality of it! I especially want to thank you for making our day beautiful. As the doors opened for me to begin my procession down the aisle, the exquiste sound of "Annie's Song" instantly brought joyous tears to my eyes! Your music truly "filled up my senses"!! Thank you so very much and I highly recommend the harp trio for any wedding!
The best!
by: Matt - 12/11/2008 06:03 PM
Sarah convinced me to go with the harp trio and boy am I glad we did! The sound can be described as nothing more than perfect. Thank you for making our wedding so special and learning the music that was special to both Sarah and me.
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