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A Good Year

Eric Britt

Guitar & Vocals

Eric Britt got his start writing and recording in the mid-nineties after becoming disillusioned with the university scene in Athens. He tried the ‘real life’ path but his creative soul just couldn’t sell out to a ‘normal’ life. Put that alongside what he calls the ‘dark days,’ his writing took on a moody, emotional and cynical look into his perspective on life.

Britt formed Hazel Virtue along with a handful of friends he met whilst still at UGA. As a unit their combined talents and angst gave way to an incredible formation, especially shining in their live concerts and in their first full length release, HIP. The original Hazel toured extensively over the greater part of the mid to late nineties, taking them throughout the South East. They became part of the festival circuit playing at such events as Big Day Out, Music Midtown and Crossroads. The first single release, My Spanish Puppetfinger, gained popularity and play rotation on over 100 stations on commercial and college radio. National interest peaked when Billboard magazine named Hazel one of the top unsigned South Eastern bands.

After five years of consistently touring, Britt and the other members of Hazel began to experience a common theme amongst bands, the clash of the ego. Hazel dismembered at the height of their popularity with HIP. The last show was at the ever popular Music Midtown in downtown Atlanta.  Britt felt it was time for a change and made his way to Charleston, SC. Britt reformed Hazel with new members and a new sound. What didn’t change was Britt’s style of writing based on a mix of story-telling and deeply dark personal experiences. As the new Hazel, The Face and The Shine was born. Whilst in Charleston, Britt was named best male vocalist three years running. The Charleston Symphony Orchestra learned four of Britt’s songs and performed them in front of a full house at the Gaillard Auditorium.

The second formation of Hazel gained momentum quickly, just as the first Hazel did. Commercial radio stations, festivals and big band openers were the norm of the day. However, Britt had an internal urge towards writing that kept resurfacing. Always one true to his soul, Britt disbanded and retreated to Savannah, GA to focus on just that.

For the past six years, Britt has spent his time working on his new album, Greener, and refining his work as a solo artist. Greener is Britt’s first album to eventually give way to love and positive personal experiences…though fans of Britt should not be put off as Britt begins Greener with those classic, angst-driven tones of yesteryear.  Within Greener, the listener will experience bluegrass influences garnished during Britt’s time spent in Asheville and found in the prelude to the song, Asheville Mountain Blues. The title track, Greener, delves into Britt’s hidden desire, that of love, when he reflects on love lost, “would you believe it? I still always dream of her/I still always think of her…” His desires become reality later in Greener with the brooding Full Moon and the catchy pop tune, Stella. Greener is directly influenced by the deep folk roots that he cut his teeth on yoked with his love of Indie music that became his tapestry during his decade touring.